GoPhysio’s team of experienced Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists enjoy working in multidisciplinary teams. We welcome the referral of your patients and will take good care of them to ensure the best possible health outcomes.

There are three types of referrals health professionals can make including:

· General clinic (ACC injury claim or private)
· Return to Work and Stay at Work Programmes,
· ECP, a new fully funded knee rehabilitation service.

Clinic (ACC and Private)

As an ACC accredited provider, we can submit ACC claims on behalf of your patients and ensure their recovery is managed appropriately. With a strong focus on individualised care, our services cater to a wide range of conditions including musculoskeletal injuries, sports-related injuries, chronic pain management, neurological disorders and post-operative rehabilitation. Our team of physios use a range of tools and treatment methods including manual therapy, stretching and strengthening programmes and more. Our goal is to get patients back doing what they love, quickly.

Return to work

Return to work physiotherapy, also known as occupational rehabilitation, focuses on helping individuals recover from injuries or conditions and return to their work activities. It is designed to facilitate a safe and successful transition back into the workforce while promoting optimal physical function and preventing re-injury. Our team will work closely with both the individual and employer to facilitate a customised and successful return to work strategy.

ECP – Knee Injuries

GoPhysio is an approved provider for ECP services. ECP (Extended Care Pathway) is an ACC funded service designed to improve long-term outcomes for patients who have experienced certain knee injuries.

Covered injury types include:
• Low-grade knee injuries (sprains & strains)
• Post-Traumatic Knee Osteoarthritis (PTOA)
• Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury
• Patella dislocation
• Multi-Ligament Trauma (MLT)

Patient benefits include:
• No cost for treatment
• Longer treatment period (up to 18 months in some cases)
• Specific exercise rehabilitation
• Dramatically reduced chance of reinjury

Patient eligibility (must meet all criteria)
• Their condition can no longer be managed in Primary Care
• They are 13 years or older
• They are a citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand
• They make a commitment to engaging in and completing the treatment

“By working together we can facilitate your patient’s recovery and get them back to work, play and life!”

Lydia Stallion,

“By working together we can facilitate your patient’s recovery and get them back to work, play and life!”

Lydia Stallion,

GoPhysio, go life!

Life’s too short to stop moving and doing what you love.